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The History

Not only was our friend's family "Daughters of the American Revolution", but...

Our friend's grandma, Myrabelle Kreidler, ran in the top democratic circles in Chicago.  She knew people only many of us wish we had met.  Any book she owned is a probable connection to some wonderful provenance.

Our friend's mother, Sherry Kreidler Kiraly, was a member of the First Edition Roosevelt Book Club.

Our friend's great aunt, Jessie Sherwood, was into the classics, such as Shakespeare, as well as other classics, and studied and taught music, so we have sheet music as well.

Our friend's father, Julius Kiraly, was a member of the Sherlock Holmes Book Club.

My late sister was into crafts.  She spent her time creating; making dolls, bears, complete with clothes and accessories and houses.  So we have a lot of Craft books listed.

-- Linda and Tami Brandt

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