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My daughter and I are friends with a woman who was from Chicago, Illinois, but spent her summers here in our home town on the Mississippi River which is about 400 miles from Chicago in the state of Missouri.  Her family has had a summer home on the bluffs over the River since 1840.  She found herself with the chore of emptying out this summer home after the death of her father and needing help.

Well, after it was all done, we were left with over 400 books.  So here my daughter is trying to find a home for as many of these wonderful books as she can.

Old Books for Sale

An addendum:  You'll see a lot of books now in the store marked with "LK" in the stock number.  The books marked "LK" once belonged to my late sister, who passed away in January, 2002, and our family decided to sell her books as well.  She had 3 walls stocked floor to ceiling with books.  We currently have about 200 or so listed on the site and barely touched her immense library.  I hope you like her books as well.

-- Linda and Tami Brandt

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