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Fan Videos

Below are a few videos that I did after being inspired by friends or my own fiction to create.  I hope you like them.  Please email me with your thoughts.

HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE AND DECENCY.  DO NOT REPOST THESE VIDEOS ANYWHERE.  NOT MYSPACE, NOT FACEBOOK, NOT YOUTUBE. IF I WANTED MY VIDEOS ON THOSE WEBSITES AND OTHERS LIKE THEM I WOULD HAVE PUT MY VIDEOS THERE MYSELF.  These videos were created by me.  I recorded the scenes from my own DVDs, please do not use the clips as your own.  I also will not tolerate having my videos posted anywhere but to the sites listed here and under MY NAME.  ANYTHING ELSE WILL BE CONSIDERED VIDEO THEFT.  If you rec a video do it by text link to this page ONLY.  IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THIS SIMPLE RULE, I WILL REMOVE MY VIDEOS PAGE ALL TOGETHER AND NEVER DO ANOTHER VIDEO.  LEAVE MY VIDEOS ALONE AND GO MAKE YOUR OWN!


Didn't there used to be videos on this page?  Why yes, there was!

But you see, between the video thieves and the clip thieves stealing anything I linked to on my server OR the storage sites and the video awards judges taking forever and a day to judge videos or post reviews only to find out they skipped my video because it took them so long that the file storage website disabled/deleted the video (usually 3 months without any activity for that to happen), it just became too much of a hassle to update all the links to the videos.

So, the result? REMOVE my videos page entirely.

I'm sorry it had to come to this.  I'm not getting respect as a vidder by the people who like to steal from me.  It only tells me one of two things.  1) My work is so good they are stealing from me.  or 2) my work is so bad they think they can pass it off as theirs.

For those of you who are judging my videos, I'm sorry.  If you have to remove me from the nominees for not having the video up through judging, so be it.  I can't deal with this anymore.  I'm tired of being stolen from and the judging/reviewing taking so long that the file storage website thinks the video is dormant and disables it.  And hey, I get it, real life creeps up and you may have to take a month away from playtime.  I'm not faulting that, but when you come back and find out it has been so long that the file storage site says there was an error or it's been disabled...

Anyway, I'm still vidding when the mood strikes me, but I will no longer be posting them on here anymore.  And let's face it I haven't won anything in a long time.  There may be 2-3 awards sites that I'll watch for the end of the round, to see if I won anything, but no new videos will be posted.  Check back for fanfiction updates though.




































































































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