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Fiction Recommendations

Bayou Boys by Pet_23 and Angelstart
NC-17:  Sex, violence (Liam/William)
Pairings:  L/W, A/S

Human AU.  Sometimes even fate knows better than we do. In the tiny backwater town of Junction City William LaCroix & Liam Garrigan met as children. Now ten years later best friends are reunited to discover what one of them already knew.

Bent Justice or Bent Justice by Kat
NC-17: Slash, violence, storyline-dictated het in a few chapters which are clearly marked, and implied rape (there are only two chapters containing non-con, and are noted at the beginning of those chapters)
Pairings: Angel/Spike

AU Human Fic. Spike is an undercover agent sent into prison to bust a corrupt warden, but when he takes on Angel—the convict that runs D Block through strength and fear—in order to prove himself, Spike uncovers more than he bargained for.

Bones and Blood by angelstart
Pairings Booth/Spike, Angel/Spike sporadically

AU Crossover Bones/Post-Angel series

Older by NautiBitz
NC-17, AU Human
Pairings:  Spike/Buffy

"Older" is a Buffy/Spike human AU (a.k.a. fantasy or uber) fic. This means that it takes place in the regular world where all the characters are human. In this story Spike plays Joyce's new husband, and Buffy is the sexy stepdaughter who seduces him.

The tale goes on to depict their illicit affair, in every scintillatingly kinky detail. Filled with not only smut but lots of fluff, angst, romance, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, this story has captured the hearts of hundreds of readers.

Due to the rather objectionable subject matter, however, the fic is only available to readers over 17, through a restricted Yahoo!Group created by the author. For more information you can visit the evilnautific group homepage, or read the original LiveJournal post regarding this story.

Also check out the videos done by fans of this awesome fic.  CAN'T MISS

Renewal by Zo
Pairings:  Angel/Buffy

The unseen meeting between the lovers.

Sin Wagon by Laure Alexander
NC-17: Menage a trois, BDSM
Pairings:  Angel/Buffy/Spike

How would Angel take it if Spike and Buffy became involved while he was still in Sunnydale?

The Clockwork Vampire by Spirit.
Archived by Lar.
NC-17:  Language, violence, non-con, slash
Pairings: A/S

After watching 'The Initiative', the author wondered what might have happened if Spike had run to LA instead of going to Buffy. This huge series deals with Angel the Series from that hypothetical point.  Spangel seasonal rewrite of ATS Season 1.

The Soft Insanity of Time by Sajinn
NC-17: Graphic language, violence, non-con, slash
Pairings: A/S, G/C, We/F, X/O, B/L

When Buffy dies in The Gift (BTVS 5.22), Spike makes a life-altering deal.  The path to redemption is neither short nor simple.

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