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Ties That Bind

by Tami

Part 1

Angelus returned to the mansion with Drusilla. She made a beeline to the gardens. He shook his head at her predictability: his insane girl and her need to commune with the stars. Oh well, it would keep her occupied while he dealt with his errant childe. Spike caused him more trouble these days than he ever did in the past. Ever since he returned to the family, Spike had done nothing but throw one fit after another. Tonight it would stop.

“Oooh, Spikey . . .,” Angelus said in a sing-song voice as he walked through the mansion.

Angelus stopped at Spike’s door. He raised his hand to knock, but then thought about where he was and opened the door. I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to give him the courtesy of knocking. This is my house! He peeked inside and saw Spike lying on his back on the bed with the wheelchair beside him.

Spike and that blasted wheelchair. How the fuck long does it take to heal anyway? He should have been mobile by now. Angelus growled to himself. He stalked to the foot of the bed and glared at his delinquent childe. I’m just going to discipline him. No need to kill him . . . yet. He’s still a favored childe after all.

“Spike,” Angelus growled.

One blue eye opened and stared at Angelus with a little regard before closing again.

“I’ve realized that I’ve become lax in my duties as your Sire and I think it’s time we rectify that little slight. Don’t you?”

“Sod off, Angelus. I don’t have time for your little games,” Spike growled but didn’t open his eyes.

“Game? Who said it was a game? You’ve gone too long without a steady hand to guide you. It’s been too many years without a Sire’s direction. You were such an obedient boy when you were younger before I went away. You were sharp, deadly, everything I taught you to be. But now? You’ve become comfortable, and with that irresponsible. It’s why you’re in the position you are now. The boy I taught would have never allowed a Slayer to cripple him.”

“So, what do you mean to do, Angelus? Show me the error of my ways?” Spike sneered.

“I’m afraid Daddy is going to have to discipline his boy,” Angelus said nonchalantly.

Spike scoffed. “Daddy huh? I’m not Dru, Angelus, so there will be no daddying of any kind with me.”

Angelus walked around the bed and climbed on top of it on his knees. He straddled Spike’s waist, braced his big hands on either side of the blonde head and bent down nose to nose. “Oh, but there will be, Spike. You remember what it’s like for me to Daddy you,” the dark vampire purred.

Spike swallowed. His Sire was so close. His big body held him down and pressed him into the mattress. Spike’s stomach fluttered with anticipation. As he continued to stare into Angelus’ eyes, his body involuntarily arched up to mold against the other vampire.

Angelus sat up and reached down to unbutton Spike’s jeans and rip the zipper down. A second later he was working the jeans over his boy’s hips and down his legs. “Let’s see how wounded you really are, shall we?”

“Angelus . . .” Was that a moan? How can he do this to me after so long? I shouldn’t be responding to this. I hate him for fuck’s sake!

Spike may have hated his Sire, but his body remembered everything. It remembered the loving contact and after having been deprived for a century of his Sire’s touch, his body yearned for it.

Once Angelus had nearly ripped the jeans off Spike, he threw them over the side of the bed. He wouldn’t need them anytime soon. Next went the shirt. That was ripped off the younger vampire’s body. Now completely nude and at his mercy, Angelus took in the sight of his childe.

William was a beautiful fledgling, but Spike was simply gorgeous. If the tone and definition of his childe’s abdomen were anything to go by, it would seem that he had spent the last century taking very good care of himself. The shock of bleached blonde hair only made the image before him more striking.

“Ah, Spike, but ye are a beautiful one,” Angelus softly commented, the Irish brogue slipping into his voice with ease.

Angelus reached out a hand and caressed Spike’s chest with his fingertips. Slowly moving them around the edge of the areola of the left nipple, he felt it rise and pucker tightly under his gentle ministrations. He smirked. His boy was always responsive. Spike could never hide anything.

Spike groaned when his body reacted to his Sire’s touch. The gentleness was uncharacteristic of late, which meant that Angelus had other plans in mind than bringing him pleasure. He let a hissing breath out when his Sire pinched the hardened nipple.

He watched in awe as Angelus did something he never bothered with before. When the dark vampire bent down to flick his tongue over the other nipple, Spike arched off the bed in a jerk that sent a twinge of pain to the tender vertebrae healing in his back. Before the pain could register in his brain, Angelus punctured the nipple with a sharp fang. The pleasure-pain that followed sent a thrill through Spike.

Angelus licked at the wound he made as he listened to his childe breathe and whimper softly. This was going to be such fun. To be able to punish him, remind him of who his master is. He raked his nails down Spike’s stomach feeling the hard muscles quiver.

Reaching Spike’s crotch, he wrapped a huge hand around his childe’s cock and began to stroke the length. He rose up and hovered over Spike’s body, watching his boy’s reactions. From the look of things, it seemed the broken body was healing nicely with the way Spike was squirming under him.

The vampires sensed a presence in the doorway. Looking over they both saw Drusilla standing just inside the door holding Miss Edith. There was a mixture of hurt, confusion and desire in her expression.

“Daddy left me to play with my Spike,” Drusilla whispered sadly.

Angelus thought quickly of a way to appease her. “Drusilla, honey, come here.”

Drusilla carefully placed Miss Edith on a table and went over to the bed. She raised her skirts to her knees so that the hem wouldn’t pull and climbed up on the bed. Angelus used his free hand to caress her cheek and rubbed the pad of his thumb over her pouting mouth. He watched her lips wrap around his thumb, and then felt her tongue lave his flesh.

“Dru, would you like to play with us?” Angelus purred.

Drusilla nodded eagerly but didn’t release his thumb.

Indulging her, Angelus slid the digit in and out, his eyes blazed at the picture of docility she made. Always his obedient childe, unlike someone else he knew. Someone he was going to punish for insolence. When the thought of Spike entered his sex-clouded mind, Angelus growled low in his throat and squeezed his childe’s cock harder until he heard a groan.

“Dru, do you remember how I used to punish you and Spike for disrespect?”

Drusilla’s eyes lit up and she nodded. Angelus smirked evilly. This was going to be fun. He pulled his thumb free from her mouth and lowered his hand to tweak her nipple. When she moaned, he pinched it harder. He leaned closer and slowly licked her lips.

“Go get the toys,” he whispered seductively.

Drusilla had become heady with passion so it took a moment for her Sire’s request to register. When it did, she bounded off the bed and raced to Angelus’ room to get his favorite toys.

Angelus turned back to Spike. He could feel his boy’s body humming with arousal. He crawled up the bed and opened his pants. When he took out his big cock, he saw Spike’s eyes widen and he quirked an eyebrow at the blonde.

“I see that you aren’t too bad off. The scent is suffocating. How long has it been, Spike? How long since you and Dru fucked? Do you think I should let you touch your dark princess at all?”

Spike barely heard Angelus through the roar his ears. His eyes widened as huge as saucers when he saw the monolith come out of his Sire’s pants. He tried to recoil and be repulsed. This was Angelus. The same Sire who had abandoned them a century ago. He shouldn’t be submitting to the overgrown Neanderthal. Spike wasn’t a fledgling anymore. He was a Master in his own right. These were the things he kept telling himself even as he salivated at the sight of the hard dick in front of him.

Angelus watched Spike stare at him as he stroked his shaft. Then he had an image in his head of pressing the tip between his boy’s lips. He loomed over Spike, gripping the headboard and followed through with his thought. But when he pressed forward he met the resistance of Spike’s mouth. He nudged harder but the lips still wouldn’t open.

Angelus grabbed the back of Spike’s head and tugged until angry blue eyes met his chocolate gaze. He glared down at the blonde and growled, “Open.”

Spike was biting the inside of his lips to keep from being invaded by Angelus’ prick. He tried to resist, his mind told him: don’t give in. But, his body literally screamed to release the pent up arousal. He knew he was regaining his motor skills but they were still useless when one had the urge to scramble away quickly. He settled for twisting his head away instead.

That was when Angelus gripped the back of his head, lacing fingers in his hair and tugged his head back to look up. Spike reluctantly opened his mouth at his Sire’s command. He expected the shaft to be thrust into his mouth harshly, but Angelus surprised him when the length slowly slid over his tongue to his throat. Spike groaned and gripped the other vampire’s thigh.

Without breaking contact, Angelus easily switched places with a lot of maneuvering on Spike’s part. He sat back against the headboard and guided the blonde’s movements. The length of his childe’s body was flat against the mattress between his legs.

He felt Spike licking the length and sucking passionately, swallowing the tip every now and then when he pushed the blonde head down. “Well, Spike, do you think you’ve earned the privilege of touching Dru again? I know you’ve recovered some feeling in your lower body. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so hard. So the question is: have you earned the right to fuck and be fucked?” Angelus wondered aloud.

Spike moaned around Angelus’ cock in response. The roaring din in his head had grown louder. He wanted . . . something more. Reaching up, he massaged his Sire’s sac as he continued to suck.

Drusilla came back with an armload of toys for her Daddy. She stood beside the bed and watched Spike service their Sire. She was mesmerized by the sight of the shaft sliding in and out of her Spike’s lips. He was always so gentle with her when they were together. But now, he was a totally different animal with Angelus. Her Sire had a tight grip on the back of Spike’s head and was thrusting his hips up as he pulled the blonde head down.

“Dru, come on up here princess,” Angelus purred huskily as he continued to watch Spike work his cock over.

Drusilla dropped the items on the end of the big bed and crawled up beside her Sire. She avidly watched Spike as he groaned around the hardened flesh in his mouth. It had been longer than a century since she had seen her dark prince subservient to their Sire. Her body started to grow wet and throb at the sight of it.

Angelus could smell Drusilla’s growing ardor as it permeated the air and mixed with Spike’s scent. He turned to look at her through demon eyes, though his face was still human. Drusilla whimpered at the sight and shifted into her demon. Angel reached for her, buried his hand in her hair and pulled her toward him before smashing his lips on hers.

Drusilla felt a tendril of ecstasy when she felt Angelus’ face shift against her. She let out a small sob when his fangs punctured her lip and drew on the blood there.

Angelus pulled back with a low growl. “I’m going to make you bleed Dru, going to fuck you so hard. Make Spike watch and then maybe if he’s a good boy, let him have you. I’ve got plans for both of you. Got to make Spike remember who owns him.”

Spike heard Angelus and stopped sucking. When he tried to pull away, his Sire tightened his hold and thrust his head back down. With no other choice, he continued his ministrations.

“Now, now, my boy. You’re insolence must be punished. I’ve had you disobey me one too many times,” Angelus said nonchalantly.


Angelus, in his own mind, allowed Spike to suck an hour more, only directing his boy’s movements to faster or slower and more methodical; just enough to keep the impending orgasm at bay and then ebb back from it. He had worked a few fingers inside Drusilla’s tight pussy and teased the sensitive nerves just inside her anal passage. His touch taunted her to the brink over and over until she was a dripping, mewling, squirming mess beside him.

Firmly gripping the back of Spike’s neck, Angelus pulled his childe off his glistening cock. Spike slowly eased onto his back and watched his Sire, wondering what he was going to do next. Remembering that the older vampire commented on his hardness and knowing he couldn’t hide it, he started to stroke himself.

Angelus moved to his knees and spread Drusilla’s thighs. As he inched closer to her drenched center, he saw Spike in his peripheral vision. His demon-yellow eyes turned towards his wayward childe and growled softly, “Don’t you dare come, Spike. I have other plans before you do.”

Spike swallowed and nodded, slowing his pace. He watched as Drusilla’s long, slim legs were pushed wider apart. His Sire hooked his arms around her thighs and dragged her down the mattress. He heard Drusilla mewling, begging Angelus for more.

“Do you want this Dru?” Angelus taunted as he rubbed the head of his shaft against her drenched nether lips.

Drusilla whimpered and tried to thrust up against him.

Angelus rubbed the head of his cock over her sensitive clit, down to her aching entrance and even further down to her anal entrance, giving a small thrust against each one. “Where do you want it, Dru? You’ve got to tell Daddy where you want it most.”

“Inside me, Daddy, please,” Drusilla whined as she undulated her hips trying to get him where she wanted him.

“I don’t know, Dru. What if I thrust my cock into the wrong place and cause you pain? Would you still let me do it?” Angelus purred.

Drusilla whimpered and nodded. She would accept anything he gave her. He was her Sire, her Creator, and her Master. Her fragile mind gave up spurning his advances long ago. She learned that if Angelus wanted her, he would have her no matter where, when and what she was doing at the time. Even if she was with Spike, her Sire always came first.

“Don’t worry Dru; I’ll get to both places sooner or later. For now, Daddy wants to play.” Angelus turned around and grabbed a small length of ornate chain from the pile of toys at the end of the end of the bed. He stretched the length out, examining the metal trinket. The chain was a foot long with a clamp at each end. Angelus’ eyes went from the ends to Drusilla’s plump breasts and back again.

“Spike, make yourself useful and pull her dress off,” Angelus ordered. Dropping one end of the chain, he reached down between Drusilla’s thighs and gently massaged her clit, pinching sharply on the nub when she arched up.

Spike released his cock and scooted closer to them. Reaching out a long-fingered hand, he hooked the strap of her dress and pulled it down over her shoulder. Knowing Angelus was watching, but not caring; he leaned over and kissed the exposed shoulder, licking her porcelain flesh along the graceful slope between neck and arm. Drusilla turned her head toward Spike and nuzzled against him.

Angelus watched the byplay between his childer. The great care Spike took with Dru as he pulled the dress down to reveal her full breasts did not go unnoticed. When his willful childe cupped the underside of a mound, Angelus took one end of the chain and closed the clamp over a nipple. Drusilla whimpered when the clamp pinched the sensitive nub.

Spike shifted her body a bit so he could comfortably reach behind her back and raise the other breast for Angelus to clamp the other end of the chain on the nipple. In this position, Drusilla was laying on Spike’s chest as he licked along her neck.

“No biting, Spike,” Angelus warned.

Spike growled in response but said nothing. He only continued to tease Drusilla with his tongue.

Angelus yanked the dress down and off Drusilla’s body and tossed it over his shoulder. Then he sat back and admired the vision that was his childer. Both as different as night and day: one light, one dark, contrasting beautifully against each other. It was times like this when it became very clear why he turned them both. They were as beautiful as a Greek or Roman statue, eternally young and his to do with as he pleased. At that thought, Angelus tugged sharply on the chain and smirked evilly when Drusilla cried out.

Angelus reached over to the pile again and this time came up with a longer chain. He threaded it around her waist and locked it into place. It was snug around her tiny waist, but formed beautifully around her hips. Taking a connecting chain, he locked one end around the chain between her breasts and the other end to a ring in the belly chain. The result was a taut pull down on the nipple clamps. Drusilla whimpered and arched her body.

Reaching behind him again, he brought forth the last chain. He connected it to the bottom of the ring in the belly chain, threaded it between her legs and connected it to the back of the belly chain. There was a small knob attached to the chain. He twisted the knob around and gently pushed it past the muscles in her anal passage. Drusilla gasped at the invasion.

Once the chains where in place and tight against her skin, Angelus admired his handiwork. “On your knees, Dru. Lean over Spike,” he ordered.

Drusilla rolled over to her knees and whimpered as the metal chain dragged along her clit and the nipple clamps tugged. She straddled Spike’s waist and leaned over him, gripping the wrought iron headboard.

Angelus grinned at the thought of what was to come. He would get to have her and in doing so, the movements would tease both of them mercilessly. He was going to love this. He reached back for another toy and came up with a 10-inch flogger. The strands were made of soft suede. Without warning he snapped the whip against her bare ass, causing her to cry out as the movement jerked her forward and pulled the chains tighter.

Spike glared at Angelus over Drusilla’s shoulder. The older vampire wasn’t fazed though. “Wait until it’s your turn, Spike. I’ll get to your ass in due time,” Angelus’ promise came out more as a threat.

Without prompt, Angelus slammed his cock inside Drusilla’s tight pussy, the movement caused the chains to pull and Drusilla cried out louder than she normally would have. Spike tried to soothe her by caressing her sides and lick-kissing her chest. He licked over the tips of her nipples peeking out from the clamps. He groaned when Angelus started pounding into Drusilla. The jerking movements of the body above him caused the lower chains to ride along his rigid cock. It wasn’t helping that Angelus was pushing her down on him and riding her against him.

Angelus reached up, wrapped his hand in her lustrous, dark hair and pulled back as he thrust deeper inside her. The deeper he went, the tighter the chains pulled against her ass and nipples. He leaned over her back as he continued to rock his hips.

“You like it, Dru? You like it when Daddy fucks you, don’t you, sweetheart?” Angelus purred near her ear.

Drusilla whimpered and cried in response as he kept a steady rhythm with his pounding thrusts. The chain between her crotch and Spike’s cock was digging into the blonde vampire’s flesh so much he was gritting his teeth against the painful rubbing. Angelus was going to make them both bleed at this rate.

Angelus straightened and slapped Drusilla’s ass with the suede flogger. “I asked you a question, Dru. Now, tell Spike who you belong to. Who owns your body, Dru?”

Drusilla squealed when the whip came down on her ass and she jerked forward, pulling the chains tight again. Her nipples were starting to become raw and bleed. Spike licked the blood off the tips of her nipples making her cry out in pleasure-pain. Angelus tugged up on her hair, pulling her away from Spike’s attentive tongue. She cried out louder. Eyes closed, long dark lashes fluttered against her white skin as tears trickled down her cheeks.

“Who owns your body, Dru? Who fucks you like no one else? Not even Spike,” Angelus growled as he licked up the side of her neck to bite her ear lobe. “I’ll fuck you so hard, Dru. All you have to do is say it, princess.”

Angelus gripped his big hand around the tiny length of chain settled between her ass cheeks and tugged on the knob, teasing the nerves around her puckered entrance. Drusilla cried as the action caused everything else to pull.

“YOU DO, DADDY!” Drusilla said aloud in her little-girl voice.

Spike watched the whole thing with a mixture of heat and anger. Angelus was tormenting her, tormenting them. It hurt his undead heart to see his Dark Princess capitulate to their Sire’s demands.

Angelus shoved her forward against Spike and thrust into her drenched pussy even harder. The movement ground the lower chain against Drusilla’s clit and Spike’s cock. He was pulling up on the chain as he fucked her, causing the nipple clamps to pull tighter and the knob to pull against the resisting ring of muscle in her ass. Her blood was flowing freely from her raw nipples and clit, dripping onto Spike’s body. Every so often he brought the suede flogger down over her reddened ass. He gave her one small mercy and angled his cock to stimulate her G-spot while he bled her.

“Ah, precious, do you think Spike will find this much pleasure when it’s his turn?” Angelus whispered near her ear.

Angelus watched Spike’s reaction over Drusilla’s shoulder the whole time. As much as his boy loathed the way he used her, his childe was also turned on by it. The aroma of blood, sex and arousal was thick in the air. He took in his boy’s reaction when he clawed his nails down her back and clutched her waist with one hand while still tugging on the chain.

“Daddy, please!” Drusilla sobbed.

Angelus smiled at the sound of tears mixed with arousal in her voice. His insane girl loved this as much as it hurt her. Seeing Spike’s eyes glare at him in anger, he pulled out of Drusilla, hearing her whimper when the chain snapped against her wet, sensitive cleft. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he carefully extracted her from Spike’s body and laid her on her back beside the blonde. Crawling to the end of the bed, he pulled a set of nylon straps out of the pile of toys.

Angelus moved back up the bed and over Drusilla’s body. Her skin was a rose pink from the faint streams of blood. As he inched up her body, he lapped up the rivulets. When he got to her neck, he licked up to her ear, gave her a low, sexy growl and nipped at the lobe.

“The next time I fuck you, princess, I’ll be stretching that lovely little ass of yours,” Angelus whispered. As an afterthought, he snapped the chain against her sensitive, blood-engorged clit, smiling evilly when she sobbed.

Angelus sat up and held up the nylon straps. They had two sets of Velcro binding and an anchor on each one. He set about binding her wrists in the nylon Velcro straps and then bent her knees up and spread them apart to bind her ankles at the end of the straps. Then he secured the anchor to a wrought iron post in the headboard above her head.

Angelus moved away from Drusilla and turned to Spike. He took in his boy’s features from the blonde head to the bloodstains left on his chest and stomach by Drusilla, to the stiff prick lying against his flat belly.

“So, Spike, what to do with you. Shall I let you lick Dru’s juices off my cock before I fuck you or use them as lubrication?” Angelus pondered his own question.

“Do what you want Angelus. You will anyway,” Spike said resignedly.

Angelus cocked his head to one side and looked at Spike quizzically. “It’s not like you to give in so easily. I don’t know if I want to fuck you now. I mean, it seems like a waste with no fire behind it.”

Angelus turned back to Drusilla. He reached down and played with the anal toy; pulling it out and twisting it as he pressed it back in. She moaned and cooed as the action teased the nerve endings there.

Spike couldn’t see what his Sire was doing, but he had an idea from the way Drusilla responded. Watching her reactions to Angelus’ teasing ministrations was turning him on more. His anal passage clenched upon hearing her soft sounds of pleasure. Maybe if he was good and let Angelus do what he wanted, his Sire would relent and let him have Drusilla. He ground his teeth from the rush of heat racing through him when she squealed her delight at something Angelus did with the toy.

“Okay,” Spike said softly.

Angelus looked up from his current occupation. “What was that, boy?”

“I said ‘okay’. I’m willing to go along with this,” Spike said louder.

“Are you sure? Cause if you don’t want me to fuck you . . .” Angelus said in mock concern.

“I do. I need you to,” Spike bit out. It was humiliating to beg. That’s why Angelus loved it. But, if the alternative was watching the two of them get off, watch his Sire take Drusilla over and over and deny him release, he couldn’t do it. He’d been excluded from this part of the family ever since Angelus came back and, even if he was being punished for his behavior toward his Sire, he was still part of this. He got to see and touch Drusilla in this scenario.

Angelus grinned and moved away from Drusilla. He helped Spike move onto his side facing her and lay behind him. Wrapping a hand around his hard cock – still wet with Drusilla’s fluids – he rubbed the head between the muscular globes of Spike’s ass. The blonde moaned when the spongy tip brushed his quivering entrance. He couldn’t stop the instinct to push back against his Sire’s erection.

Angelus smirked evilly at the action Spike tried to suppress. Leaning over, he whispered seductively, “Ah, Spike, so eager for my cock, aren’t you? Do you want it? Want to feel Daddy’s thick, hard dick stretch you open? Should I ease in . . .” as he whispered the question, his large hand parted the mounds and he slowly worked the head of his cock into his boy’s puckered ring.

When he felt the ridge of the head slip past the outer ring, he groaned. “Or should I just ram into you so hard you see stars?” With that question, Angelus grabbed Spike’s hip and slammed the rest of his shaft inside his boy. Spike’s anguished cry sounded distant in his ears.

Angelus leaned up on his elbow to see Spike’s face. The blonde’s eyes were screwed shut against the painful entrance. That just wouldn’t do for the lesson he had planned for the boy. He reached down and slapped Spike’s ass hard, causing the blonde’s eyes to spring open.

“Watch Dru,” Angelus whispered. “Remember how hard you got from watching me fuck her? Do you want to feel what I did to her? I could torture you for hours, Spike . . . keep you on the edge of bliss for so long you’ll wish I’d kill you just to feel the rush at the end.”

Spike shuddered at the imagery Angelus’ voice was painting. He remembered seeing Drusilla’s reaction to what their Sire did when she was draped over him. The way her eyes glazed over in arousal and she cried from being on the edge of a precipice that Angelus refused to throw her over.

Spike’s body turned to jelly when he felt his Sire move behind him, thrusting hard and deep into his ass with long measured strokes. He hated how his body reacted to Angelus. It always betrayed him. He hated him for so many countless reasons, despised him even and still his body responded against his will.

When he closed his eyes to block out everything but the feeling of Angelus, he felt a sharp smack on his ass, and then heard: “Keep your eyes open, boy. Watch Dru,” whispered roughly in his ear.

Spike opened his eyes and saw his dark goddess just a foot away on the other side of the bed. She was shackled to the bed in the Velcro restraints and watching him. Her eyes were glazed over as she watched their Sire fuck him. Her full mouth was parted to finish off the breathless look of ecstasy. Angelus had pulled him away from her so he couldn’t reach out and touch her. His cock hardened even more at the thought and with the hardening, his ass clenched around the cock inside him, causing its owner to groan.

“Keep that up, Spike and you’ll make Daddy come before he’s ready. I would have to punish you even more if that happens,” Angelus whispered gruffly.

Spike moaned. He couldn’t help it. He continued to stare at Drusilla’s ethereal beauty and whimpered as the thoughts of being inside her turned him on even more and he thrust his hips back onto Angelus’ cock to quench the sensation.

“Do you want Daddy to fuck you, boy? All you have to do is ask – or beg. I could drape you over Dru’s body, like I did her with you and ride you hard. Is that what you want, me to own you again?”

Spike closed his eyes as the imagery washed over him. But, when he did, Angelus slapped his ass harder. He opened his eyes and fixated on Drusilla’s harem body chain. Remembering how Angelus tortured her with it caused his cock to leak, but then he felt his Sire’s fist close around the base effectively stopping the orgasm before it even started.

“No coming, Spike,” Angelus growled, “not until you admit it.”

His eyes flitted to the pile of toys at the end of the bed. He pulled out of his childe, ignoring the disappointed groan. Sitting up, he shifted to reach for another toy. He came back with a small chain with a leather strap at each end and a collar.

Moving back up the bed, he pushed Spike to crawl over to Drusilla. Helping his childe to stay on his knees, he positioned the boy to face her pussy. His cool breath skittered over her sensitized flesh making her whimper.

“If you do this well, I may let you fuck her, Spike,” Angelus said with an evil humor in his voice before thrusting his cock deep inside the blonde vampire.

The force of the thrust sent Spike mouth and nose against Drusilla’s pussy and the chain that still tormented her. When he fell against her, the action jerked the nipple clamps, causing her to cry out. Angelus wasn’t letting up on the now-vicious thrusting though. Every time Spike tried to pull back, another thrust pushed him against Drusilla.

“You know, Spike if you don’t start pleasing her, I’ll have to punish you and then I’ll never let you near her,” Angelus’ warning came out husky from arousal.

Angelus reached over to where he had dropped the suede flogger near Drusilla and smacked Spike’s ass with it. He continued to pound into his boy’s ass with intermittent blows of the flogger. When Spike’s body started sagging down due to the punishing pace and his still weak motor skills, Angelus growled in frustration. Fucking Slayer had to go and injure my boy so bad he wouldn’t hold up under the onslaught. Angelus made a mental note to drain her dry for it later.

Spike had let his body go slack, allowing Angelus to control the pace while he concentrated on Drusilla. A thrill involuntarily shot through him when he heard his Sire growl. Ignoring everything but the flesh in front of him, he proceeded to lick Drusilla clean of her flowing juices before slipping his tongue inside her. His tongue was inside her where his Sire’s cock had been several minutes before. That thought sent his hips pushing back onto Angelus’ cock.

Drusilla had locked eyes with her Sire as his thrusting sent Spike’s mouth against her. She was whimpering uncontrollably as his mouth ground against her, his tongue laving her insides. It was when Spike slipped his fingers around the chain and tugged on the anal toy while he licked at her that sent her keening.

Angelus had secured the straps in a position that had her legs spread, and the only movements she could make was to either press her feet down on the bed and lift her hips or pull her legs up against her chest. She could not wrap them around Spike’s head though and it drove her crazy that she couldn’t touch anything.

However, she could arch her back off the bed, as was evidenced when Spike nibbled on her clit and pressed two fingers inside her. Even that was nerve-wracking because Angelus’ thrusts were pushing Spike against her and when he pulled back, he took Spike with him, causing the nibbling teeth to tug.

“Daddy, please!” Drusilla sobbed shakily as Angelus’ pounding rocked her body.

“No. Not until Spike gives in,” was the growled answer.

When no answer was forthcoming from Spike, Angelus let the flogger smack against his ass almost viciously. The boy was going to admit who owned him or Angelus would end up beating him severely at this rate.

“All you have to do is admit it, Spike. How bad can it be? Say it and you can have Dru,” Angelus taunted as he continued to slide in and out of his childe’s ass in measured strokes.

What Angelus was asking was not only to claim him as Sire; he was asking Spike to admit family ties. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to claim Angelus, but Angelus had a good side that went by the name of Angel and he didn’t know if he wanted to claim the souled version of his Sire.

Apparently Spike was contemplating the implications of Angelus’ request too long, because the pleasurable pounding had ceased as the dark vampire stopped thrusting and was starting to pull away from him.

Spike clenched his anal passage around Angelus’ cock and nearly growled, “Don’t!”

Angelus’ eyes widened. He thought for sure Spike would be happy that he was relenting. When the blonde’s anal muscles stopped his retreat he stayed still and waited. When Spike didn’t continue, Angelus spoke up.

“If you aren’t going to say it, then let me go. I’ll pull out and finish Dru off.”

“No, please,” Spike gritted the words out. He couldn’t believe he was submitting like this. Angelus was using Drusilla against him, just like his Sire had always done. It was unfair, but then nothing about the great Angelus was ever fair.

Angelus was growing impatient. “Well?”

Spike mentally squared his shoulders and stared at Drusilla’s face. He was forced to do this in front of her. He had always tried to be strong for her, look after her. She was older than he, but her mental instability left her vulnerable even by vampire standards. Angelus was making him look weaker than she was now.

“Do you have something to say, Spike, or do I let you go and fuck Dru?” Angelus growled.

Looking at Dru one last time, Spike dropped his head forward in submission and said, “You own me, Sire. I am yours to reward or punish as you see fit. I wish to be back in the family fold again . . . Daddy.”

Yes! Angelus’ grin was so wide it was an almost painful ache in his jaw. Spike’s surrender was like the sweetest hymnal to his ears. Of course, it was too much to ask for complete obedience. Even as William, his childe was never totally obedient. But at least the silent territorial fight with Spike would stop.

Angelus shifted to his demon, leaned over and sank his fangs into the back of Spike’s neck. The blonde groaned and thrust back on the cock impaling him. After drinking a few long slow pulls, Angelus retracted his teeth and whispered, “See, that wasn’t so bad. Why do you always fight me, William?” He looked down at Drusilla and purred in Spike’s ear, “If you want her, take her. I know you have enough strength to hold up on your own if you were really determined.”

Spike watched Drusilla with a feeling of relief as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He crawled up her body and lay over her. Then, he felt Angelus guide his cock inside her body. When he was fully embedded, he buried his face in the curve of her neck and sighed as she mewled.

Angelus straightened again. He held onto Spike’s hips and directed the thrusting from his cock into Drusilla’s tight pussy and back onto his cock again. He started off at a slow pace to tease his childer. He could feel Drusilla trying to rotate her hips under Spike.

Answering her silent request he pushed Spike down and thrust deep and hard into his boy, causing the blonde to press into Drusilla until all he heard were grunts beneath him. When Drusilla’s keening got louder, signaling her impending orgasm, he stopped.

Angelus pulled out of Spike. “Move.”

Spike carefully extracted himself from Drusilla and rolled to his side watching her as Angelus leaned over her and released the Velcro restraints. They were replaced by a collar around her delicate throat. Then, Angelus took up the chain with the two leather straps and secured one end on the base of Spike’s cock and the other end around his own erection.

Settling behind Drusilla, Angelus removed the anal toy that had been stretching her this whole time and rubbed the head of his cock against her anal entrance. Meanwhile, Spike was rubbing his shaft against her. Drusilla whimpered and rocked her hips against both of them.

With the anal toy loose, the chain between her legs was lax. Spike pushed the chain to the side and gently massaged her clit as he kissed and nibbled on her lips. He moaned against her mouth when he felt Angelus’ hand graze his cock as he lined up his erection with her ass and pressed against the tight outer ring.

Drusilla’s lips parted under Spike’s mouth when she felt her Sire enter her. Spike took advantage of the situation and slipped his tongue inside to tease hers. Drusilla’s hand went to her Sire’s hip in a silent plea as Angelus pushed his cock past the inner ring and buried himself inside her.

When he heard Angelus’ low growl, Spike reached down to guide his shaft into her pussy. Having his Sire inside her ass, pressing the thin fleshy wall inward made her even tighter. Spike carefully entered her, following the curve of Angelus’ cock through the wall. When he was finally buried in her, he gave his Sire an answering growl.

Angelus carefully rolled them over so Spike was on his back with Drusilla straddling his hips. He straightened, clutched her hips, drew back and thrust inside her. Spike groaned when he felt Angelus move and bucked his hips thrusting deeper. After a few more experimental thrusts, the two vampires found a rhythm and had Drusilla crying out as she had earlier.

“Oh, yeah, Dru. I knew you’d like this,” Angelus taunted as his thrust faster.

Spike was licking the column of her neck and guiding her with his Sire. He massaged the curve of her breasts, making her to cry out in pleasure-pain as the act caused the clamps to tighten. He could feel Angelus move faster and harder and tried to keep pace with him. Their combined movements had Drusilla crying out and bouncing between them.

“I can feel you, Dru. I can smell the scent. You want to come all over Spike’s cock as I fuck your ass, don’t you?” Angelus purred as he tugged on the short leash attached to the collar around her neck.

Hearing Angelus heightened Spike’s euphoria even more and his movements became mechanical as he bucked up faster. He could feel the length of his Sire’s cock slide against his through the thin wall. He knew this was a rare experience. Angelus never shared anything more than a victim with him. He never shared Drusilla or Darla with Spike.

Spike closed his eyes to relish the significance of it and feeling Angelus move against him inside her felt as if his Sire was pleasuring him as well. Then he heard the words that sent him and Drusilla over the edge.

Angelus tugged on the collar, causing Drusilla’s back to arch as he pounded harder insider her. “If you want to come on Spike, go ahead, Dru. Strangle his cock with that tight little pussy of yours. Make us both come.”

Drusilla had held fast until now. Her Sire taught her never to come without his say and she obeyed. They were both driving her to brink though. She was sobbing uncontrollably for release when Angelus uttered those words. She shrieked and shuddered through her orgasm when her Sire sank his fangs into her neck just above the collar. Her internal muscles clamped down on both erections, milking them both with each spasm that attacked her body.

Feeling Drusilla squeeze around them, Spike growled and Angelus roared as they pumped their release inside her, quaking around her. When the tremors had passed, Angelus pulled free of Drusilla, took the leather strap off both himself and Spike and rolled over on his side, letting her lay down between them. He unhooked her collar and threw it to the side. Not a word was spoken; just the sound of contented purring filled the room.

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