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Resource Links

Below are a list of websites I reference when writing fan fiction

BTVS Series Chronology This one is absolutely cool, but they stopped updating it so, season 4/season 1, season 7/season 4 and season 5 haven't been added, you'll see what I mean when you click on it Players List Great place to find small biographies for the characters and actors of BTVS/ATS
Buffyverse Dialogue Database Really cool for finding what the characters called each other and themselves among other things. Pull down menus at the side allows you to find  the transcripts of any season and therefore any show of both BTVS and ATS The trusty dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia
Known Slayers The Wikipedia entry on Buffy
Lostsoul Gallery Screencaps of Spike's scenes in BTVS and ATS.
Nocturnal Light BtVS and AtS screencaps and some of the best Spike/Buffy fanfiction.
Screencap Paradise Screencaps for BTVS and ATS among other shows
Slayers Through the Ages A Slayer Time Line, dating from BC - 2000.
Sunnydale, California Wikepedia entry on Sunnydale, California, hometown of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TWIZ TV Scripts Transcripts for TV shows including ATS and BTVS.  Sorted by show and then by season
Vampires General vampire lore at Wikipedia


Fan Fiction Links

Below are a list of websites I visit to read fan fiction

Adult Fan Adult-rated fan fiction for all genres
Angel and Buffy Fan Vids A LiveJournal community for Angel the Series/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Vids For Vidders (Video Makers) and Viewers.  (Approval needed to join, but anyone can post)
Bloodroses The Fanlisting for all aspects of the relationship between Spike & Drusilla.
Darkness After Night Awards Darkness After night is a new award site devoted to the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Series.
dirty_fic Bondage and BDSM Community
Fanged Dedicated to the Fanged Four (Angelus, Darla, Drusilla and Spike).  Home of the best fan fiction resource and guild sites on the net.
fic_banners A LiveJournal community to request fan fiction banners for your Buffy and Angel fictions (Members locked)
Ladies in Red The Darla and Drusilla fanlisting.
Not Fade Away An Italian BTVS and ATS site (IE Friendly)
Redefition The fanlisting for Angel 2.11 REDEFITION.
Seeley Booth Fan Listing Seeley Booth (Bones) Fan Listing
Slashing the Angel Just what the title says Angel(us) / other BTVS or ATS characters
Tasha's Hearts of Twilight Spike/Buffy fan fiction




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