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Welcome to the revamped Sunnydale Stories. Since my interests have swayed in a new direction, I felt it was time for a redesign. It's still the same website only with a brand new cover.  Here you will find fan fiction for Angel(us) / Spike / Drusilla in various pairings, fan videos, and a video competition.


Sunnydale Stories Awards Updates

Added a new affiliate to the Win An Award pages. 

Winners are now up for Round 80Buffy character  Video Challenge banners are up.  Added a lot to my video recs so check out that page.  Also the answer to the rules has changed.  So be sure to read them.  Feel free to help spread the word on the Video Awards.  If you have a suspicion that the submit form isn't working right, just copy the submit form and email it to me with your nominee(s) info.  I hope you like the awards as much as I enjoyed making them! SSVA is on HIATUS until further notice.  See Win An Award page for details!


Fiction Updates

 Chapter 70  - How to Treat Your Lover - Book 4 - NC-17
(Angel(us)/Spike, Buffy)  *New*
Chapter 69-B  - How to Treat Your Lover - Book 4 - NC-17
(Angel(us)/Spike, Buffy)
Chapter 69-A  - How to Treat Your Lover - Book 4 - NC-17
(Angel(us)/Spike, Buffy)


Video Updates

The Long Haul (SPN) PG-13
Song by NO
Released:  March 11, 2013
One (SPN) PG-13
Song by U2
Released:  October 11, 2011
Midnight Rider (SPN) PG-13
Song by The Allman Brothers Band
Released:  September 4, 2011


Award Updates

Gabriel (Angel(us)/Spike) PG
Best POV @ Surrender Your Soul Awards R3
Gabriel (Angel(us)/Spike) PG
Best Angst @ Surrender Your Soul Awards R3
Gabriel (Angel(us)/Spike) PG
Judge's Choice @ Surrender Your Soul Awards R3






















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