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Let's start off by saying that the relationship between the seller and the buyer is one based on trust.  The seller trusts the buyer to pay for the items he chooses, and the buyer trusts the seller to send those items, such building a commerce relationship.  With that said, we trust you (the buyer) to follow the rules below.

Ordering from us is easy!

You can pay for your items through PayPal Online Payments, via Money Orders or well hidden cash!

We ONLY ship these dolls via UPS Ground to the United States and Canada.  No exceptions, please.

These dolls come with their own individual boxes and 99.6% of them have their own shipping boxes.  So if you are buying more than one doll.  Please include an additional $2.00 to pay for the shrink wrap to wrap them together.

These dolls are located in another place, and as such I have to go get them, so shipping day is Tuesday afternoons (after 1 p.m. central U.S. time).

All you have to do is e-mail us with the following:

  1. Send us an e-mail using the e-mail link of the page that you saw your selection(s) on and copy the entry of your selection into the email (this means Collection/Mint Name > Series Name > Doll Name).
  2. Please add your physical mailing address with zip code and country for exact shipping costs (and of course to let us know where to send the doll(s)
  3. Your choice of Payment method from above.  (Please note: If you live in Canada, I can only accept PayPal, International Money Order or USD Cash)
  4. UPS Ground has automatic insurance on items up to $100.00usd.  Plus they provide a tracking number.

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