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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal Technology

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We’ve all had a bad waxing and know the pains of hair removal. To many who suffer from overgrowth, life does not come easy. The only solution may look like Laser hair removal. It’s quick, permanent and painless (almost!). But before you get it done, here are the facts you need to know.

  1. The laser can give you hyperpigmentation:

With lasers, you are basically honing a lot of heat to burn off hair follicles completely so hair does not go off. In some people, this can lead to skin burns, and surprisingly this is a lot common in people with darker skin as melanin helps absorb the laser quicker. Minor burns are expected in most cases but in some, it could draw in serious hyperpigmentation.

  1. Does the clinic have many lasers?

Depending on your skin type, your requirement can be much different from the Caucasian man sitting across you. If the clinic you are visiting has only one laser machine, get up and get out. The more machines there are, you are likely to get a more accurate treatment.

  1. Are you getting the right machine?

Speak to an expert, or two, before you decide to go under. Your skin tone, color and the hair texture all are important factors that should be considered. If you are not sure you are getting the right treatment after a sitting, visit LASERIPL and seek help. The wrong treatment can ruin your skin forever.

  1. How many sessions do you need?

In average, a permanent hair reduction required about six sittings. But it could vary and go up to a dozen or could be down in two sittings. So do not get a packaged deal. It only benefits the doctors or technicians.…

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