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The Best Ways to Help Kids Unplug From Technology

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Technology is indeed a gift. However, gifts, if misused or used excessively, can be harmful. For instance, smartphones are a great way to stay connected and organize both your personal and professional work together. On the other hand, it is a problem if you are glued to it 24×7. Even studies now have revealed that children suffer from major eyesight problems due to the excessive exposure to computers and smartphones.

Thus, there are two sides to most tech creations and it is therefore important to help your kids unplug from that technology that can later cause a problem. Here are some of the best ways to do this.

  1. Interact with your kids more. For instance, having meals together at the dining table but not on the couch and in front of the sofa, is a great start for many families.
  2. Encourage them to go out and play outdoors. This way they develop their socializing skills, make newer friends, gain practical knowledge, connect with nature, and even develop resistance to the harsh external environment.
  3. You can get them interested in some enriching board games like Scrabble, “I Spy”, word building, Pictionary, etc.
  4. You can take them out to some informative yet fun places so that your children will learn by seeing. For instance, taking your kids to the zoo, aquarium, museum, planetarium, and so on is a good way to help your kids unplug from excessive tech usage but at the same time impart something meaningful that they will remember for a long time. Check the reviews at starwalkkids to know all about virtual planetariums and how educational these can be for your children.
  5. Most importantly, teach them how and why they must resist the urge to use their tech gadgets all the time. For instance, break their habit of checking their phone every five minutes or every time they hear a beep sound. Certain things need to be taught as well.
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