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The Ultimate Architectural Technology Advice

Architectural Technology
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There are architects and then there are architectural technologists!


Well, most of them are!

So, here is what it is:

While an architect will draw the initial designs and come out with the conceptualized draft, an architectural technologist will be responsible for making sure that the architect’s designs can come out in a totally functional structure.

The architectural technologist to that effect has to work with the architect or his team in tandem and closely to be able to have a complete understanding of what the architect desires to convey.

Is the job of the architectural technologist limited to before the construction starts?

The answer to this may vary from project to project. So, in some sites where the project is on a small scale and not as complicated, the architectural technologist’s job may get over even before the construction starts. But in some complicated structures and high profiled construction sites, the architectural technologists may be on the team till the construction is completed and the possession of it is handed over to the owners.

Is it a nine to five job?

This one is essentially a nine to five office kind of job but of course when the project and the work warrants, the technologists may have to make site visits in order to make sure that his ideas and concepts are being put to practical usage.

Is there is a good demand for this course:

The demand for the course of an architectural technologist is escalating and is almost at par with the architects. The incumbent has to write an examination and become a member of the chartered institute of the Architectural technologist to be able to hold office in any construction or architectural firm.

The scope is wide:

If you are a person who is strong in math, material science and logic and have a pleasing personality coupled with designing prowess and agreed on fad for CAD and other tools and can work in the individual as well as teams with elan, you will be wanted by most top-notch architect firms in the world.

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