Day: November 2, 2018

How Instagram’s New Feed Will Impact Brands and Influencers in 2018

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Advancement in technology has gained much more popularity in social networks.  Many website creators are very much keen on enhancing and promoting their social platforms in order to attract not only the common people but also many brand retailers to promote their products.  Generally, these platforms have had a view  that it is meant only for chatting, sharing their pictures and views, but the latest advancement in the technology has revolutionized the use of these social platforms which is meant not only for a tool of chatterbox but also for the promotional aspects which helps to influence many target customers.  In 2018, if Instagram’s new feed become the giant feeder for promoting the brands across the world, will have certain impacts on the market which are listed as follows;

  • Instagram’s new feed will help to promote various brands top from high range to low range across the globe. High range retailers though have many options to promote their products they also have a strong preference in promoting their products through social networks like Instagram, Twitter to increase their sales performance.
  • Even a small brand retailer can enter into the promotional aspects of their brands in these news feed. It helps to promote particular products with different brands as well as different products with the same brand.
  • The target people get to know about the various brands available in the market as well as their views and likes in the Instagrams’s new feed. For example, if they want to know the best brands like Gucci bag for cheap they can check out the likes and dislikes for the brand also the comments of the people to evaluate better about the brand.
  • Since the promotional aspects are mostly dependent upon the likes, dislikes, view, and comments about the news feed, there may be chances to manipulate with their brands with fake followers which affect the brand loyalty of the customers.
  • The sales may get affected either directly or indirectly because of these new feed which is not sound good in terms of the retailers.

Though there are some disadvantages using these social network platforms as brand promoters, it has many advantages like reaching the target people quickly, helps to cover the global area as a target market and few others to be considered fruitful to promote their brands.…

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