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Five Ways Technology Can Improve Your Home

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Technology has come a long way and has become an integral part of our day to day lives. Though one may want to claim they are not overly dependent on technology, the fact is that we are highly dependent on them, simply because everything is changing rapidly.

Sometimes, it is better to embrace the change rather than resist it. You and your home can benefit in a number of ways from the developing technology. If you read on theOlive, you are bound to see how this can be done.

Here are five ways in which technology can improve your house


Having an alarm for the house has been in practice for decades. The alarms are changing almost every year and more features are incorporated. It is always better to replace your system once in a few years so that you are not using obsolete technology.


Get a sprinkler, set the timer and you will never have to worry about your beautiful garden ever again. Be it when you are eating home, at work or even out of town. You don’t have to pay a person to keep up the lawn when you are away.

Kitchen Gadgets

The gadgets have taken over the way we cook and store food. We have equipment for almost everything one needs to do in the kitchen. Be it to cut vegetables, knead the dough or cook a complicated dish. Invest in a few and spend lesser time in the kitchen.

Air Conditioning

Today air conditioners and heaters are coming with higher sensitivity which helps in saving a lot of energy. This will not only make your life easier by adapting to your needs but also save some money every month.


Entertaining is not limited to the television anymore. There are high-end sophisticated systems that can play movies, music and give you an out of the home experience. You can even have friends over for the games or a movie weekend and have some in-house fun, with some of the latest systems in the market.…

The Best Ways to Help Kids Unplug From Technology

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Technology is indeed a gift. However, gifts, if misused or used excessively, can be harmful. For instance, smartphones are a great way to stay connected and organize both your personal and professional work together. On the other hand, it is a problem if you are glued to it 24×7. Even studies now have revealed that children suffer from major eyesight problems due to the excessive exposure to computers and smartphones.

Thus, there are two sides to most tech creations and it is therefore important to help your kids unplug from that technology that can later cause a problem. Here are some of the best ways to do this.

  1. Interact with your kids more. For instance, having meals together at the dining table but not on the couch and in front of the sofa, is a great start for many families.
  2. Encourage them to go out and play outdoors. This way they develop their socializing skills, make newer friends, gain practical knowledge, connect with nature, and even develop resistance to the harsh external environment.
  3. You can get them interested in some enriching board games like Scrabble, “I Spy”, word building, Pictionary, etc.
  4. You can take them out to some informative yet fun places so that your children will learn by seeing. For instance, taking your kids to the zoo, aquarium, museum, planetarium, and so on is a good way to help your kids unplug from excessive tech usage but at the same time impart something meaningful that they will remember for a long time. Check the reviews at starwalkkids to know all about virtual planetariums and how educational these can be for your children.
  5. Most importantly, teach them how and why they must resist the urge to use their tech gadgets all the time. For instance, break their habit of checking their phone every five minutes or every time they hear a beep sound. Certain things need to be taught as well.

How to Enjoy Wellbeing on the Water on a Luxury Yacht

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Now there are varied idyllic opportunities for a yacht lover to charter a boat for the health and wellness purpose. You could choose an itinerary wherein your body would be recharged and soul rejuvenated by the end of the trip. Check out 4Yacht to find more options regarding the same.

The luxury charter yachts are built today with visions that are beyond just offering a rowing machine or treadmill on the deck. As the wellness and health have become a lifestyle choice, the luxury boats are equipped with exceptional facilities to cater to those needs. The charter boats offer the following services:

  • Beauty treatments- Manicures, pedicures, facials, body wraps, etc.
  • Acupuncture
  • Mind coaching and meditation
  • Massages- Thai or traditional Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue massage, Ayurvedic, Indian head, etc.
  • Detox and nutrition plans
  • Pilates and yoga instruction
  • Personal training sessions

Also, the guest could integrate equipment like paddle boards, kayaks, exercise equipment, and swim aids into a fitness schedule. Also, the onboard training could be combined along with other activities that are land-based like hiking, cycling, beach sprints, trekking etc.

Apart from the wellness regimes, the chef in luxury yacht could prepare an array of tantalizing health-boosting cuisines consisting of fresh juices, whole grains, herbal teas, organic salads, grilled vegetables, meat, etc. Even the desserts could be whipped with less fat content or sugar if you feel like indulging an occasional treat.

Book a luxury yacht, leave your worries and enjoy a stress-free holiday and come back rejuvenated. Fresh air, water, and sunshine along with people to pamper you make fantastic ingredients for one healthy retreat. There’s no better place than water to make your body feel revitalized, relaxed and happy. The luxury yachts prepare a customized itinerary for each traveler according to their needs and requirements.…

Top 10 Keys to Understand What Regtech Is All About

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Businesses big and small would have to adhere to various types of regulatory conditions. with the complexity in understanding the terms and the possibility of leaving out certain regulations companies can take help from technology to ensure that the processes go smoothly. Regtech is this technology that helps businesses understand the regulatory compliances.

  1. Banks and financial institutions will start using this technology intensively. In fact, given the frequent regulatory amendments, they might find regtech to be hugely beneficial.
  2. There might come a time when all the banks start using regtech. It has been in the officially declared as part of the budget in a few places already.
  3. Data submission by everyone cannot happen within the desired time. Businesses can thus reap the advantages when selecting a good online identification company that can help them with regtech.
  4. Cutting down the costs of compliance and the penalties charged for missed regulations are reasons why several businesses take up regtech.
  5. With the growing demand for regtech billions of dollars of investment has been planned in this area.
  6. Regulatory awareness is also being handled by several regtech Their goal is to make people understand that the common identification procedures like AML or anti-money laundering measures and KYC or know your customer alone cannot help with regulatory compliance procedures.
  7. Regulators would not be left off the scene altogether. Combined work can result in better processes.
  8. There are multiple ways in which banks can redefine security in the processes with regtech. For example, this can be a great beginning to strongly prevent fraudulent transactions thanks to the better identification procedure.
  9. If businesses would have to speed up their financial transactions and the decisions that precede them then regtech can help shorten the process.
  10. Though a lot is being spoken about regtech there is an ample scope for growth. The technology surely would take some time to catch up on a larger scale.

How Technology Makes Driving Easier & Safer

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Technology has made it so much easier to learn driving. And the added benefit that the safety features of the automobile are increased drastically thanks to various forms of technology you can feel more confident in learning how to drive. There are plenty of cheap van leasing deals that you can find. So if you sharpen your driving skills you can easily get around and get your work done independently.

Accurate parking

One of the major fears of the new car drivers and the learners is taking the car in the reverse gear and parking it in the parking spot. Today’s parking sensors and the high definition parking cameras make this process a whole lot simpler. So the driver can have an accurate relay of the surroundings and thus be able to park without a fear.

Stability control delivered the electronic way

Driving the car with utmost stability in every type of terrain is not something that everyone can master. Especially when it comes to taking the car uphill or downhill or through steep curves there are instances where modern-day electronic systems for stability control act as a boon making the drive smoother and safer.

Collision detection

This is one of the most commonly found features in most of the modern cars of today. The sensors embedded in the car help the driver get a warning of the proximity of an obstacle. Imminent collisions can easily be averted through timely warnings issued to the driver.

Advanced navigation systems

Today’s navigation systems come with voice control and voice output as well. So the driver can find the best routes to the destination without taking his eyes off the road.

Besides the many features that make driving easy, there are automobile health monitoring systems which allow drivers to keep checking the condition of the mechanicals in the car. So any issue in the system can be detected at an early stage to prevent breakdowns.…

How Instagram’s New Feed Will Impact Brands and Influencers in 2018

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Advancement in technology has gained much more popularity in social networks.  Many website creators are very much keen on enhancing and promoting their social platforms in order to attract not only the common people but also many brand retailers to promote their products.  Generally, these platforms have had a view  that it is meant only for chatting, sharing their pictures and views, but the latest advancement in the technology has revolutionized the use of these social platforms which is meant not only for a tool of chatterbox but also for the promotional aspects which helps to influence many target customers.  In 2018, if Instagram’s new feed become the giant feeder for promoting the brands across the world, will have certain impacts on the market which are listed as follows;

  • Instagram’s new feed will help to promote various brands top from high range to low range across the globe. High range retailers though have many options to promote their products they also have a strong preference in promoting their products through social networks like Instagram, Twitter to increase their sales performance.
  • Even a small brand retailer can enter into the promotional aspects of their brands in these news feed. It helps to promote particular products with different brands as well as different products with the same brand.
  • The target people get to know about the various brands available in the market as well as their views and likes in the Instagrams’s new feed. For example, if they want to know the best brands like Gucci bag for cheap they can check out the likes and dislikes for the brand also the comments of the people to evaluate better about the brand.
  • Since the promotional aspects are mostly dependent upon the likes, dislikes, view, and comments about the news feed, there may be chances to manipulate with their brands with fake followers which affect the brand loyalty of the customers.
  • The sales may get affected either directly or indirectly because of these new feed which is not sound good in terms of the retailers.

Though there are some disadvantages using these social network platforms as brand promoters, it has many advantages like reaching the target people quickly, helps to cover the global area as a target market and few others to be considered fruitful to promote their brands.…

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