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The Ultimate Architectural Technology Advice

Architectural Technology
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There are architects and then there are architectural technologists!


Well, most of them are!

So, here is what it is:

While an architect will draw the initial designs and come out with the conceptualized draft, an architectural technologist will be responsible for making sure that the architect’s designs can come out in a totally functional structure.

The architectural technologist to that effect has to work with the architect or his team in tandem and closely to be able to have a complete understanding of what the architect desires to convey.

Is the job of the architectural technologist limited to before the construction starts?

The answer to this may vary from project to project. So, in some sites where the project is on a small scale and not as complicated, the architectural technologist’s job may get over even before the construction starts. But in some complicated structures and high profiled construction sites, the architectural technologists may be on the team till the construction is completed and the possession of it is handed over to the owners.

Is it a nine to five job?

This one is essentially a nine to five office kind of job but of course when the project and the work warrants, the technologists may have to make site visits in order to make sure that his ideas and concepts are being put to practical usage.

Is there is a good demand for this course:

The demand for the course of an architectural technologist is escalating and is almost at par with the architects. The incumbent has to write an examination and become a member of the chartered institute of the Architectural technologist to be able to hold office in any construction or architectural firm.

The scope is wide:

If you are a person who is strong in math, material science and logic and have a pleasing personality coupled with designing prowess and agreed on fad for CAD and other tools and can work in the individual as well as teams with elan, you will be wanted by most top-notch architect firms in the world.

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How Technology Is Making Our Work Lives More Easier And Efficient

Tools & Accessories
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We never got to know when technology entered into our lives and made it so easy. In fact a few decades back we have lived life without technology, but today even imagine our lives without it is impossible.

Technology, like the introduction of the best compact circular saw, has indeed, made our work life easy. Here is how.

Communication has become faster

Communication is the key to better work and that has been made easy with technology. Writing a letter or waiting for one to reach to your client is passé. Today with technology you can instantly drop a message or send an email and get a reply in no time. This has increased productivity and made it efficient for you to do your job.

Sharing data

Earlier sharing data was a real pain. You had to share the information with your clients and at the same time be careful that there is no loss of data. Today you could send this data on your email instantly. Just encrypt it and secure it and you are assured that the data that you share will not get into wrong hands.

Sharing images

Suppose you work in a construction site where you need to keep updating the client with the progress of the work. With technology, it is very easy now. The client does not have to keep visiting the site every other day. Instead, you can share the images on the mobile phone and the client will get to know about the progress of the project.

Advertising is easier

If your work needs you to advertise and carry out sales, then that used to be a big challenge. Sending out pamphlets and newspaper adds was time-consuming and also did not assure you that the target audience actually read it. With technology you  can now share the advertisements on social media sites, You can also look at the page and then decide on your target customers and advertise accordingly.

6 crazy inventions for couples every man must have

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Today we live in that generation in which we are provided with every essential detail regarding A to Z details to any topic. These can vary from personal, professional and related topics. We even have some core topics relating to the sex life which is completely an essential factor portrayed in a close connection with personal well being.

Gone are the days when people shy when uttered the word sex, today we have many websites dedicated to helping people have a better sex life. This is something which has been given utmost importance by therapists and counselors for fostering better family relationships.

Some innovative ideas to add up to the fun is the concept of using sex toys that make the entire act a bit more naughty and interesting. These aid in capturing the fullest enjoyment of every couple and bring more energy and sync to the relation. Some of the crazy inventions that every man should have are listed here. To know more about this visit the link at

Taking  a quick glance through the smart inventions:

  1. Fleshlight: this is the one toy which is more equivalent to sex in reality rather than just being a masturbation toy.
  2. Prostate massager: an ultimate device which s specific to hands-free orgasm has become the favorite to many men and the market growth to these are huge.
  3. Cock ring: these are specifically designed to delay the act of orgasm and increase the fun. These are available in all colors which adds to the attractive feature.they are also size specific which is even more interesting to note.
  4. Hot octopuss: this is a device to be called a guybrator, which brings in the vibration concept to men as well to have fun with themselves purely.
  5. Autoblow 2: this is a toy which fulfills your individual sex dreams by helping out with oral sex and getting your job done!
  6. Lube: this is something which needs to be used with every sex toy for the better experience even from solo sex. This can be the acceleration factor of your feelings.

How to Borrow Money Online in 2018

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Technology is showing us the way:

There was a time when people used to fret any activity that had to be done online. The trust factor was so absolutely missing. If the transaction involved money, people were more so paranoid. So, when did the actual change happen?

Thanks to the internet, people are now opening up to the benefits of it:

With eh internet boom happening and with the smartphones actually hijacking our own lives including our personal spaces, there can be little doubt now that people now consider even borrowing online!

No surprise there!

Borrowing online is as much as the same as borrowing physically form an institution. The choices a rate same and the convenience are far more. So, what would you choose if you were given a choice?

In a survey conducted by the finance department in the country, people look at both the mediums of borrowing at par. Only the older generation has some qualms at the beginning which are set alright once they borrow for a couple of times and then their confidence in the system is instilled.

What you can borrow:

The sky is the limit here. The limit is probably with the credit institution or the bank that is providing the loans to you but on a scale of one to ten, nine major credit institutions will give you the loan for the highest value in case you satisfy them with all the documents and reliable scores that they demand of you.

There are unsecured loans secured small personal loans and there are also short-term cash loans. The period of repayment and the equal monthly installments are all set by the institution after consideration of various factors including your favorable credit score.

Loans were such a hassle till a few years ago!

Only a decade ago, people would have to queue up in banks from early hours, get a token to see the manager and then do the tedious paperwork before they were granted loans. Today, you could identify the loan, apply and get it processed without even leaving your living room! Have you heard about Netti Vipit yet? Look it up and you will thank me for sure!

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