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Why Should People in All Countries Have Equal Access to Technological Developments?

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Technology is transforming everything. From the medical care we receive to the entertainment we enjoy, our world will collapse without it. But not every one of us has equal access to it. Here’s why it is important for all countries to have equal access over technological developments.

  • Space-based technologies: Space-based technologies has the power to inform us of any impending disaster beforehand. Which means cities could be evacuated, people placed in safety bunkers well in advance. Millions or lives saved with just a warning. It also helps to locate natural resources, which makes it a crucial tool for countries who want to strengthen the backbone of their economy. As Elon Mask rightly said, we are all in the same boat. Giving everyone access to technology will foster more invention which is ultimately good for humankind as a whole.
  • Computers: Many third world countries lack the basic infrastructure of handing its students computers when everything we do in today’s world is depending on it. Not only computers promote education and literacy, they help create and build new skills. It creates new jobs and businesses can handle their day to day transactions much more efficiently. People who can fix computers, students who can study with the help of the internet, accessing more information than ever, will eventually become the future of the country. Instagram Follower kaufen is a key aspect of achieving social media success. Social media can boost any innovation from any part of the world to new heights.
  • Public health: Technology has revolutionized the way we look at healing in today’s world. Unfortunately, many African countries have such lack of basic resources, people regularly die from drinking polluted water and other menial diseases. The loss of life without the help of technology in medicine is tremendous and ultimately creates weaker societies and therefore a weak government.

Why Drug Prices Are Too Expensive: Here’s How Technology Can Fix That

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The prices of the medicines are sky high. The reason is drug development costs are increasing, as critical modern needs include vaccines, chemotherapy, and novel antibiotics. But the disruptive technologies like AI, blockchain and big data can reduce the price to the affordable stage. The challenges are hereunder:

Increased timeline

As per 2011 estimates, the total timeframe required for drug approval averages 14years. Most of the time is dedicated in R&D: discovery Takes about four-and-a-half years, a year in preclinical testing, one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half years in the three phases of clinical development and one-and-a-half months in submission to launch the medicine. The main issue is to identify the promising disease targets. AI or artificial intelligence software is helping with the automatically structuring big data. It helps the pharmaceutical companies to monitor public health data and to develop novel insights on potential targets of disease.

Published Data not reliable

Nature reported that for target validation 20 to 25 percent of published preclinical targets were replicable in in-house pharmaceutical experiments. AI can help in cross-referencing the scientific literature published with the sources available alternatively and which are less susceptible to bias. However, blockchain can further reduce the bias in clinical trials.

The complexity of Clinical Trials for Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases takes years to develop due to its complex non-linear predictive model. AI is one of the best hopes for managing the chronic disease because big data can be structured from daily life outside the clinic where most chronic diseases occur.

Lower Success Rates of small Development Groups

The large pharmaceutical companies outsource the first drug discovery phase to small organizations and become more agile and innovative. But the success rate is low for small development groups on approved molecular entities compared to the large organizations because they suffer from the lack of historical knowledge. As per NBC News, 16 pharmaceutical companies and 60 startups are using AI in 2018 for drug discovery, and I love this review.

How WiFi Technology Has Changed the World

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The internet has truly transformed our lives. Recent studies confirm the fact that people find it really hard to give up the internet access and they cannot even live without it. Even though the development of Wireless Network or Wi-Fi has revolutionized the cyber realm itself, the ability to connect to the internet from any remote area has been a golden achievement for them. This enabled the users to surf the World Wide Web.

Basically, with the establishment of this advanced Wi-Fi technology, the chances to improve ourselves along with the society we live has always increased.

The way Wi-Fi changed our small World

  • Changed the way we used to shop: Previously, we loved to spend quality time in visiting the shops for ourselves and choose a few from many hanged over there. Indeed, it was helpful in rendering us a relaxation feel or pastime.

But things have changed now, E-commerce sales have hit the global market marking nearly 1.5 trillion sales posing a big challenge to the traditional shops. In this busy world, people take out their short free time to shop through their smartphones or tablets and make a purchase of many things including dresses and related accessories from the list. Users find it really a time-saving tactic.

However, retailers have turned smarty in providing free Wi-Fi access to its customers while shopping here and encourage them to rate their experience which is a method to quality promotion means.

  • Communication: Earlier people used to send letters to communicate but now with the Wi-Fi internet-enabled smartphone, the communication has become much easier and cheaper. People are free to take this advantage for live video chatting and calling, gaming and much more.

  • Healthcare Settings: Modern hospitals allow their respective doctors to carry a personal digital assistant to keep a record of their patients and make quick notes on the move.

All these have made our life easier which is just a click away. The only thing you want to make sure is that you remember your Wi-Fi password. But no worries if you either forget, Microsoft shows you how to find wifi saved password on windows 10.…

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