10 Fundamental Selfie Tips for Taking Better Pictures of Yourself

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Did you know the unassuming but ubiquitous self has a day for itself? Yes, June 21st is celebrated as National Selfie Day. But, do you ever feel that your selfies are not getting automatic likes to follow these 10 fundamental steps listed below to see your follower list grow.

  1. Use proper lighting: Poor lighting can mar the best of pictures; as far as possible shoot in natural lights and avoid overhead lights at all costs.
  2. Use filters: There is no harm in using these; just ensure that the contrast is less and the picture looks faded. Even overexposed pictures are very popular.
  3. You don’t have to fit your full head in the frame: Just make sure your most prominent and attractive features come in the frame; it is okay if a part of your forehead or chin or even side of the head is cut off from the frame.
  4. Use timer: This gives you ample time to hone your look and look natural instead of appearing as trying too hard to fit in.
  5. No groupies: Though they are technically selfies when there is a crowd in the frame, the picture is the least popular according to reports. So just stop it.
  6. Not too close to the lens: A common mistake most people make is to get too close to the lens and thereby producing a picture that has intricate details of your nostrils, your cheeks, lips etc. Please avoid that at once. Keep the camera high and at a distance.
  7. Don’t hide your hair: Let loose your tresses, they complement your face and add that extra X factor to your selfie.
  8. Try new angles: Don’t do what the rest do; try new angles while clicking and you will be surprised with the end result.
  9. Don’t edit too much: Try to keep the picture as natural as you can.
  10. Practice: Keep clicking until you discover the correct angle and your most flattering pose.
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